Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Never rely on what you think you know. Remember the Lord in everything you do, and he will show you the right way. ​Proverbs 3:5-6 

Cross Train Sports Camp

A Father's Dream. A daughter's Vision. The story of cross train sports camp


Cross Train Sports Camp is a Christ-centered, week-long summer camp, which takes place annually, in June at Gibbs High School in the Corryton community.  Cross Train is the vision of Kandy Holt, Camp Director, who fulfilled her deceased father’s dream of combining sports and ministry in his small town community.  As a Christian and mother, Kandy is no stranger to hectic schedules.  She volunteers with Angelic Ministries, co-leads a women's bible study group, serves in the community and has three active boys.  Kandy and her family are involved in church, which means typically Wednesday evenings and Sunday’s are reserved for worship. 

While at a baseball tournament one Saturday, she looked around and wondered how many of the hundreds of kids that were on those fields, would be in church on Sunday.  Being a small town community, and knowing most of the families, she knew the answer.  A large majority would rise bright and early and be right back on those fields Sunday morning playing baseball.  She found this heartbreaking.  If these kids weren’t exposed to church or worship, how would they ever learn about Jesus and the love He has for them.  

This burdened her heart for months, until a dream woke her one night and led her to the attic.  There she found a box that contained cherished mementos from her father.  As she looked through the box,
reminiscing, she came across his notes for a ministry that combined sports and Christ. From that moment on it was a whirlwind of prayer, conversations, planning, and organizing. She talked with her husband about the concept, and he agreed that it was a great idea.  Kandy assembled three of her dearest friends to help plan and organize the camp, and in June 2010, her father’s dream and her vision came to life.  Cross Train Sports Camp was established.  That year the camp hosted more than 200 kids and youth, in seven sports, on seven fields, with more 100 volunteers, and guest speakers that included Phil Fulmer, former coach of the Tennessee Volunteers.

Cross Train Sports Camp is in its ninth year and continues to grow.  In 2016, the camp served more than 200 campers and 100-plus volunteers and coaches.  As in the beginning, the week-long camp cost $20 per camper, with scholarships available to those who can’t afford it.  Sports training is provided by local coaches and volunteers, who acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives.  Coaches and volunteers “pray and play” with the campers and each year the Kingdom of God is expanded with new brothers and sisters in Christ.  While sports training is a key element of Cross Train Sports Camp, delivering the gospel of Jesus Christ, to those that may not otherwise hear it, is its true purpose.  

cross train sports camp

Cross Train Sports Camp will be celebrating its ninth year in 2018.  Each year we receive many positive comments about the camp, but what makes our camp different than others?  Jesus Christ...plain and simple. Each night, guest speakers and volunteers share the gospel of Jesus Christ and His love for us, then it's off to the campers' sport for serious training, fellowship and fun!

The camp is open to boys and girls, ages five years old to 8th grade.